Copy is connection. It makes people feel things first & do things next. And copy is everything.|

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Everything is Copy is a communications consultancy specialising in brand development and evolution. While we believe that everything is copy and copy is everything, we are more than just a copy shop.

Everything Is


Your brand is your vibe. It’s an energy, it’s an expectation, it’s an experience. And brand is everything.

With over 20 years’ experience working in communications, content, retail and media, we are fluent in brand; working with both the big and small, the global and local, DTC start-ups and franchise networks on:

•  Brand Communications
•  Brand Identity
•  Bespoke Brand Language & Tone of Voice 
•  Brand Audits
•  Brand, Customer & User Experience
•  Brand Loyalty
•  Brand Evolutions
•  Brand Presentations & Education
•  New Brand Builds

Everything Is


Strategy is your sat nav. It fine tunes your future focus & informs where you spend your energy, efforts & resources. And strategy is everything.

Tapping our brand marketing and communications expertise and deep editorial experience, we work closely with our clients to chase goals, articulate or refine brand focus, forecast challenges and illuminate opportunities; helping to chart the course for growth, connection and engagement.

We offer strategic counsel on:

•  Brand & Product Launches
•  Communications & Content
•  Customer & User Experience
•  Product Development
•  Brand Founder Profile

Everything Is


Experience is time on tools, lessons learned & wins won. It’s: you’ve got this because we’ve done this. And experience is everything.

Led by senior communications and brand development specialist, former journalist and editor Lucinda Pitt, Everything is Copy draws on over two decades of experience working in both in-house management roles and as a consultant to retailers (MECCA Brands, David Jones), media (VOGUE Codes, Harper’s BAZAAR) and custom publishing (JONES magazine) and a broad range of brands, from the premium to the mass market.

Offering strategic counsel on brand positioning and communications architecture, marketing communications and content, customer engagement and market insights, we are both experienced and well connected in the beauty, health, wellness and lifestyle categories in particular.

When a project requires complementary specialist skills, we call upon a carefully curated group of collaborators. Think: trusted and experienced names in art direction, brand aesthetics and graphic design, web design and development, animation, content production, event planning, PR, advertising and digital media strategists. We know great people and we know how to brief them.

Everything Is


Copy is chemistry. It attracts, informs, inspires and illuminates. And copy is everything.

Wrapping engaging words around a product, service or person makes every experience with a brand so much better. We craft fresh, impactful messaging that’s a faithful fit to your brand identity, positioning and purpose.

We create copy to:

•  Connect your brand to your customer & vice versa
•  Tattoo your POV across relevant platforms
•  Cut through your category & competitive set
•  Win over the hearts & wallets of your audience
•  Transform your products & packaging
•  Headline outdoor, print & digital campaigns
•  Improve both your UX & CX
•  Elevate your emails to engage & convert
•  Better your blog vertical
•  Finesse PR & media kits
•  Set & adjust your social tone
•  Lift campaign, voiceover & event scripts
•  Educate, upskill & empower your team & partners
•  Smarten up speeches & perfect presentations

Everything Is


Some of the brands for whom we’ve created and collaborated:

MECCA Brands
Purely Byron
The Beauty Chef
The Valonz Group
Dr Roebuck’s
Laser Clinics Australia
Ella Bache
Nude by Nature
Model Co.

Harper’s BAZAAR
The Future Laboratory
David Jones
Joyce Hong Kong
Medium Rare Content
Crybaby Productions
Piglet Studio
Klick X
sass & bide
David Lawrence
Gerson Lehrman Group

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